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Rokhak logoThe Social Enterprise Rokhak Women Handicraft was created by HOR Sounsrors, a Cambodian woman whose mission it is to empower impoverished women from a floating village community near to Siem Reap. Rokhak gives the women the power to lift themselves out of poverty, and to be able to make money making decisions for their families now and in the future.

Rokhak Women artisans

Rokhak preserves the traditional weaving culture of Cambodia and uses traditional Khmer material (water hyacinth) combined with modern design to craft the gorgeous basket bags seen here. Sounsrors' sustainable business supports the local communities, and provides the female artisans training in a craft they can be proud of. The ability to develop a skill is as important for their dignity and pride, as being able to generate an income which helps to sustain the family.

Rokhak women artisans

Rokhak basket bags are created using sustainable water hyacinth, which grows prolifically throughout the waterways of Cambodia and Vietnam. Some consider water hyacinth a pest or an invasive weed, but for the Khmer people, water hyacinth is multi functional resource, the flowers are edible and the stems can be weaved into household products like mats and baskets, and of course, the gorgeous bags you'll see in this collection.


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