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Kaban, Japanese for bag, is a unique designer bag brand for the 21st century, fashion-oriented, yet globally conscious consumer.


In old French, caba was a woman’s workbasket or handbag. The word kaban also evokes Selene Alcock. the designer's favourite hideaway place, the cabana, or cabin. A bag is very much like that: a small and secret place to store your necessities, valuables and indispensable treasures.


When you look inside a Kaban-made bag, you will see that it is made with love and high quality craftsmanship and materials. That’s because Kaban runs their business with those values.


From washable paper to reusable shopping and rPETcanvas (recycled PET bottles) bags, Kaban is committed to eco-friendly fabrics and sustainable production processes, launching first with a range of washable paperbags.
Also known as paper leather, washable paper is a vegan alternative to leather. Durable and lightweight, it’s perfect for day and active bags as well as luxury handbags. Both natural and metallic colours enhance the designs.


Kaban Designer Selene Alcock


Washable paper is made from 100% paper (cellulose fibers) and is washable (up to 40 °C). The material is softer after washing and gets a typically wrinkled leather look. It’s also tear-resistant and water-resistant. Kaban sources high-quality FSC certified paper from Germany and the USA that is free of Pentachlorophenol, PVC or BPA, so that the products in this collection are completely safe for people and the environment.
Kaban is owned by New Revolution Co. Ltd, a small family business operating in Hochiminh City, Vietnam. Partners Hiro Kadota (Japanese) and Selene Alcock (Australian) have been making customized printed products, especially bags, for clients from Japan to Europe for the past 7 years. They are the brand owners of CUSHnART also found in store here.
As a small manufacturer, Kaban stays close to their workers and suppliers. These key relationships mean that they can offer and assure their clients and customers transparency in our supply chain and an open door policy. They provide a fair, ethical and toxic-free work environment for our employees.

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