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Jayav Art

The artist Philippe Brousseau was born in 1956 in the bocage Vendéen in the west of France. After studying advertising and decoration in a private art school led by a Tour de France Companion and Meilleur Ouvrier de France, he worked for thirty-one years in a large company in France as a Sculpteur Modéliste, creator of prototypes and models Original masks and toys for children.This French designer discovers South East Asia in 1999 and Cambodia in 2004 where he experiences a real thunderbolt for the country and the Khmer Art. After being dismissed by one of the leading makers of carnival masks, a company in which he had worked for 31 years, he took the plunge and settled near the temples of Angkor in 2011 and created the company of Sculptures in papier mache "Jayav Art". He then improves the traditional technique of papier mâché, to give life to totally bluffing statues that alone he has the secret, produced locally with materials of recovery.

Philippe Brousseau launched his manufacturing of sculptures in papier mâché in Cambodia in 2011 in Siem Reap, near the magnificent temples of the Angkor site. Inspired by the traditional Khmer masks of the Ramayana, each model is a unique creation.
All the sculptures are entirely made by hand with recycled paper and vegetable fiber. They are then decorated with natural pigments and acrylic colors. Respecting the environment, the manufacturing process also makes it possible to recycle old newspapers. The result is impressive, the sculptures really appear in stone, bronze, wood, terracotta ... Once the object in hand, one realizes due to its lightness that it is only paper. The sculpture is both light and very solid. Thanks to an exclusive technique that allows an exceptional fineness of detail, each sculpture is authenticated and numbered. Nowadays surrounded by a seller and five workers, all Cambodians (including two deaf and dumb of the NGO Krousar Thmey), Philippe continues his creative work. Now, he tries to concentrate on the realization of new models of sculptures.   

If, like us, you've travelled through S.E Asia and dreamed of bringing back works of arts and sculptures to evoke the memories, but been scared off by the weight and cost of shipping, then Jayav Art will be as much a revelation to you, as it was to us. Papier Mache is light; Philippe's creations appear as heavy as any other sculpture when you see them, but of course they are not, which makes them easily transportable and easy to ship. Ingenious!