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Contemporary Jewellery from Cambodia

Ammo is an exciting brand of jewellery made from Recycled Brass Bullets and Silver.

Ammo was founded by the Inspirational Madeline Green, a jeweller from the UK.

“Having come to Siem Reap to teach English, I soon realised that there was a wealth of creative talents in the arts and crafts industries – which inspired me and motivated me to try and connect with local people, and begin designing again.”

Madeline learned the Cambodian way to produce jewellery and Ammo Designs now provides apprenticeships to young or disadvantaged Cambodians in Siem Reap. Once trained the Local Artisans are supported to design their own collections. Not only will you be buying a unique piece of jewellery when you buy a piece from the Ammo Designs Collection but you will also be making a difference to the life of the Artisan who made it. That's a "Win Win"

Brass Bullet Casings and Silver are transformed by the team at Ammo from Negative metal into Positive jewellery for both Men and Women. Ammo is a 100% ethical brand.

Madeleine now conducts jewellery making classes in Siem Reap by popular demand. More about these classes can be found on

We will never forget visiting Madeline’s workshop in Siem Reap; as we talked her 6 month old baby fell asleep to the gentle sounds of lead apprentice, Lai ‘s melodic singing from the workshop. Maddy's enthusiasm for her adopted home, her pride in her staff, her wish to make the lives of her staff and apprentices better by training them to help themselves, was genuine and infectious. We are proud to offer their jewellery on our website and to be supporting Madeline and Ammo,