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  • Mai 22, 2019 2 min lesen.

    The Lotus Flower  (Nelumbo nucifera) is unique in so many ways and so much more than just an ornamental flower. The Lotus Flower has meaning, symbolism, it is the National Flower of Vietnam and India, and it literally goes to sleep under water.

    One of the most well-known traits of the Lotus Flower is its ability to start from a seed and rise up from underneath muddy pond waters to bloom as though it’s been completely untouched. As the sun disappears for the day, the Lotus Flower closes and retreats back underwater until it repeats the process the next day. It’s a physical attribute and survival mechanism that is reflected in  Lotus Flower Symbolism, particularly in Buddhism and Hinduism.

    Lotus Flower Symbolism

    Buddhists believe that the Lotus represents a person’s determination and the cleansing process after experiencing suffering.  This is represented by the Lotus Flower rising up through muddy waters to become a beautiful, untouched flower. Many people, the world over, embrace this symbolism as it relates to their own lives. You might have noticed Buddha statues sitting on a Lotus Flower, this is because Buddhists believe that the way water slides off Lotus petals represents detachment, reminding them to let go of desires.  

    Other cultures see the strong stem of the Lotus which supports the flower from underneath the water, as the strength of their family with an unbreakable bond.

    A similar pattern continues with Hinduism, the religion believing that the Lotus Flower represents the removal of unwanted energy, desires, material things and other undesirables.

    Lotus Flower Colour Meaning

    Not only does the Lotus Flower provide powerful imagery for life’s path, the Lotus Flower meaning also depends on its colour.  A pink Lotus shows a devotion to Buddha while purple represents spirituality. Green is the colour of rebirth, white represents purity and blue signifies wisdom, logic and enlightenment. If you’re gifting a lotus or lotus statue, give some thought to what the colour represents because it will make the gift all the more meaningful.

    There’s really no other flower like the Lotus Flower to so clearly embody a person’s life path. Its journey from a mere seed at the bottom of a pond to become a magnificent bloom, albeit having to push through dirty water, is clearly representative of the struggles of life itself and the feeling of being awakened once we’ve come out unscathed on the other side.  A Lotus Flower holds stories of struggle and provides inspiration and solace for many. Nowhere is this symbolism more evident than the Senhoa Foundation, (Senhoa translates to Lotus Flower). The lotus flower features prominently in Senhoa jewellery, handcrafted by women rescued from human trafficking and prostitution. From disadvantaged beginnings to a brighter future.

    Browse our range of lotus flower inspired jewellery and homewares  here.

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