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We first met Na and Pa on a humid evening at one of the buzzing Chiang Mai Night Markets. We were dazzled by the colours and quality of their bags on display.  

Na and Pa are both Hmong from Northern Thailand, they reside in the city of Chiang Mai but frequently return to their village where the artisans there create their beautiful products.

ThongPua in the Hmong Indigenous language means “carrying bag”.  Every one is as unique as the artisan who made it.
All ThongPua products are the outcome of a long, diligent process that first involves the careful selection of the finest Hmong textiles, handmade by our Hmong people. You can see the extensive and complex skill of the artist ranging from applique, reverse applique, batik and many sewing techniques, such as cross stitches to chain stitches. 
Upon selection of these textiles from exceptional artists, they then turn them into a thongpua. Each thongpua is crafted and assembled with care and precision to ensure quality, uniqueness, utility, and visual appeal.
Message direct from Na "When you buy from us, you not only support our work, but you are partaking in the preservation of Hmong traditional embroidery, essentially keeping alive a waning traditional art and combating mass-produced, industrial machine-made textiles. We promise you that each thongpua is unique.   In each thongpua, we share with you a part of our culture.".  
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