The Land of Smiles, where 'Sanuk' is a way of life. Although no direct translation exists for Sanuk the closest meaning is to have a good time, to have fun, to enjoy oneself and to derive pleasure and joy from something. It is almost a rule of living for Thai people that whatever they do, it has to be sanuk. It stands to reason that Thai New Year is spent in a collective drenching in a country-wide water fight that lasts for 3 days. 

Thailand - home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches, heavenly resorts and the hottest spicy food. Thailand - home to serene Buddhist temples, peaceful spa sanctuaries, bustling markets; where aromas of lemongrass and coconut fill the air and the gracious people greet you with a Wai - a prayer-like greeting of closed palms. Thailand - lotus flowers, orchids, all-day and night shopping and searing humidity. Thailand - where creativity and design knows no  bounds.  Thailand - the Land of Smiles is also the Land of Contrasts.

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