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Senhoa jewellery is individually handcrafted by vulnerable women, providing access to fair wages, health services and education. Senhoa’s passion is to create opportunities for survivor artisans to earn an income, share their stories and raise awareness against human trafficking and exploitation.

Senhoa believes in:

  • Income-generation for women’s economic and personal independence
  • Education and training programs for self-empowerment
  • Using business sensibilities to achieve humanitarian goals

Proceeds from the sales of Senhoa jewellery go directly to the rehabilitation and education of young women who are vulnerable to or are survivors of slavery in Southeast Asia.

Since 2010, Senhoa has :

  • Sheltered 57 victimized women in their safe house. Thanks to their transitional program, 82% are either apprentices or safely employed.
  • Trained 105 at risk girls in a dignified vocation

They currently

  • Protect 107 at risk children via their Lotus Kid’s Club. They teach Basic Literacy, Maths, English, Computer skills, Cooking and Sewing.
  • Feed 100 families via their nutrition program. Monthly food packages and their micro loans program and family development programs allow parents to choose preschool, rather than child labour, for their kids.
  • Provide medical and dental care, hygenic supplies, vaccinations and vitamins for all their students
  • Employ 15 survivor artisans, offering them a fair wage and access to the global market place.”

From the Senhoa 2013 Impact Report

Senhoa continues to be awarded recognition throughout the world for both jewellery design and ethical community works

Senhoa provides hope for many Cambodian woman and families. The story of Tida is one of the many sad human stories that tells of their plight and how Senhoa has changed actual lives. (Names have been changed to protect the identity of service Users).Temples and Markets is immensely proud to be supporting Senhoa's projects






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