Putawan Dezign

A real treasured find of ours from Baan Tawai (the little creative town in Chiang Mai)  is Putawan Dezign, owned and operated by the delightful Jeab. Her Lotus Leaf Decor is so original, organic and unique we just had to bring it home with us. 

Putawan Nature Dezign products are made from real lotus leaves from Chiangmai, Thailand. No two leaves are alike: each leaf varies in size, shape and colour. Lotus is an important Buddhist symbol which represents purity, holiness, good luck and beauty in Asia. Putawan works of art are all handmade. The art is coated with acrylic resin and gilded with gold dust. 

  • As Putawan's products are made from real lotus leaf each piece is unique in its own way. The colors will vary about 10 - 15 percent from each leaf: depends on the leaf observing the color when dyeing.
  •  The Iron Wall Art products can be redesigned your own way by unscrewing the back of each lotus and screwing back into place.
  • 11 Colours can be dyed - natural, yellow, orange, red, brown, pink, pink purple, blue, green and turquoise.
  • Note - Colors that use the dye process may fade over a long period of time depending on the weather and where it's hung. Green and Turquoise may be subject to fading more than the other colours.
Jeab has recently started manufacturing the bright Straw and Hat Collection too. We fell in love instantly with the summery colours of this range.