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Penh Lane



Penh Lane is an Ethical Business showcasing contemporary designer Jewellery and Fashion Accessories produced by a group of Social Organisations in Cambodia - learn more about those below. 
Penh Lane is committed to fair trade as a means of poverty reduction in developing countries. The Australian designers from Penh Lane work collaboratively on the designs of many of their products with the artisans who make them. These artisans receive wages that reflect their beautiful work, as well as education and social support, which enables them to pursue a rewarding career in a supportive, safe and sustainable environment.

Khmer Creations is Penh Lane's Jewellery Studio, established in 2007, and providing skills training and secure employment to young women who previously worked in exploitative jobs; in particular, the sex trade and garment factories.
Khmer Creations even has a daycare to make sure that their little ones are taken care of whilst their mums proudly create gorgeous and unique Jewellery.


Watthan Artisans is one of only a handful of worker-run cooperatives in Cambodia, they provide training and employment to artisans affected by polio, landmines and other disabilities. Headed by Mr. Try Suphearac, this democratically and professionally run operation supplies beautiful handicrafts, utilising the finest locally sourced raw materials. Fair wages and benefits are guaranteed for Watthan artisans. In the cooperative, the profits are shared by the staff and producers, and are re-invested in staff development and training. The beautiful Ikat Clutch Bag and the ubiquitous Khmer Krama Scarves in our collection comes from Watthan.

Established in 2003, Kravan House provides a sales outlet for silk and cotton weavers and sewers from rural villages around Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh. 
Set up by Thanan Hok to create opportunities for disabled artisans like herself, Kravan House has flourished into a large and successful operation, with much of the design work undertaken by Thanan Hok.

Named after the 12th Century Temple at Angkor made famous in Tomb Raider, Ta Prohm Handicrafts pays homage to Cambodia’s first artisans by preserving and marketing the intricate work of modern day Khmer silk weavers. Ta Prohm works with silk weavers and sewers with disabilities, providing marketable designs and an outlet in which to sell their exquisite works. Designer and founder, Kong, was herself disabled by a landmine. The exquisite Bold Silk Purse and Silk Scarves in this collection come from Ta Prohm.

Buying a Scarf, a Clutch or a beautiful piece of Jewellery from Penh Lane is a Win-Win. Not only will you love your ethical purchase but at the same time you will be directly empowering the artisan who has created it.