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Ethical, Handcrafted Designer Fashion Jewellery for Women

Curated Collection of Ethically Sourced Handmade Jewellery.

We have an extensive range of unique and one of a kind handcrafted earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants. Jewellery that have been designed and crafted by Emerging Designers, Social Enterprises and Artisan Groups making a difference in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore and Cambodia.

We select Jewellery crafted from sustainable materials and that tells a story.

For the Woman with a social conscience who loves beautiful designer jewellery, but also wants to affect positive change in the world our jewellery makes the perfect gift.  In our women's jewellery collection you'll find LOVEbomb Jewellery, handcrafted from sterling silver and recycled bomb fragments, and brass jewellery fashioned from recycled bullet casings by Angkor Bullet Jewellery from Cambodia. Every piece tells a story at Temples and Markets.  

Bright and bold jewellery for women

We love bold and brightly coloured statement Jewellery that gets you noticed - resin, pearls and crystal jewellery for day and night wear. We also have a large range of sterling silver, brass and crystal Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets that you, or your loved one will treasure.

We are proud to be an online authorised stockist of Zsiska  Resin Jewellery and have one of the largest collections you'll find online anywhere in the world. Women who love Zsiska live by the mantra "Be Noticed...wear Zsiska."

Boho jewellery for women

We love a bit of boho style but we believe in empowerment, not appropriation.  All our boho jewellery for women is made by authentic craftsmen and women, using traditional methods.  When you buy our boho jewellery, you're not buying a tacky factory made piece, you're buying an authentic cultural piece.  Each piece is art. Isn't that exactly what boho jewellery should be?

Ethical jewellery that empowers women

We support the Senhoa Foundation who empower their women artisans, rescued from dire circumstances including human trafficking.  . 

Our women's jewellery collection is quite unlike any other, because we believe that every piece should be just as unique and beautiful as the wearer. Take a look now.



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