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Human and Hope Association

Human and Hope Association Cambodia is a locally run, grassroots organisation, based in Siem Reap, that aims to alleviate poverty in their community and create a sustainable future for themselves. They provide education, vocational training and community support programs for marginalised Cambodians

Human and Hope was started by a group of young Khmer volunteers in March 2011, who saw a need to educate their community. For almost two years they survived on just the bare necessities, and no one earned an income. In December 2012 Australian Sally Hetherington took up the position of full time Operations Manager and during her tenure the organisation moved to a permanent location. She'd always intended to help the organisation and Khmer staff reach their full potential, then step back so it could be locally sustainable. After almost four years, in July 2016, she achieved that

The handicrafts featured in the collection here have been hand-crafted by women who have studied in the 10-month sewing program at the Human and Hope Association. They make these handicrafts at their homes, enabling them to watch over their children at the same time. All the seamstresses earn a fair wage, receive constant development opportunities from Human and Hope Association, and take out interest-free microfinance loans to purchase sewing machines. The handicrafts they create are all made from traditional Khmer fabrics and cotton fabric.

Making a purchase from this collection will go towards supporting these women to break the poverty cycle and support their families with shelter, education and healthcare. Purchasing one of the cuddly elephants directly contributes directly to a range of education programs to the children in their community. 

Human and Hope Association is proudly empowering Cambodians to create sustainable futures for themselves.