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Hats & Needles

From Jewellery making to Tattoo Design, from one country to another, Sophie the artist, milliner, designer has accumulated mind pictures, colours, ideas, patterns and a unique sense of hip elegance.

When not busy painting, she lets her creative mind regularly wander into the field of accessory making. Now, she’s come up with a collection of hand made hats, every single one of them with a unique design.

While travelling he world for many years, Sophie has gathered fabrics, patches, metal pieces, beads, ancient jewellery and various buttons from Europe, Asia and Africa. All these beauties are now to be found on her hats, all unique, all with their own story.  

“Hats are my new canvas. As an accessory, it leaves me a lot of space to work on, and is pretty receptive to any of my ideas. I can work with simple beads and threads, but I like to introduce noble elements to my creations. I use some natural thread, made locally, as well as 19th century buttons, raw silver from India, things I’ve gathered here and there.”

Sophie originated from France but has spent the last 7 years in Thailand which has formed the backdrop and inspiration for the pieces showcased in this collection.


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