Gardenia Accessories

Mrs Kim Anh Mai, based in the magical Vietnamese town of Hoi An, is the enterprising force behind Garedenia Accessories. Her Enterprise is a result of a lifetime of travelling and working through the region of South East Asia. She has spent many recent years working for Social Enterprises in Vietnam and is intent on helping to trade Artisan Women in Rural and Impoverished Areas into a better life. 

I was fortunate to have met Mrs Kim in Hoi An in Hoi An and was overwhelmed by her entrepreneurial spirit and enterprising nature. We have become good friends and partners in business through our shared values. To me, Mrs Kim is the embodiment of what has struck me about so many business women in Vietnam. They are strong, resilient, ambitious and incredibly hard working. 

Mrs Kim has curated handcrafted Bags by local Hoi An Artisans under the umbrella of Gardenia and we are proud to be spreading Gardenia's collection to an audience outside of Vietnam.

Pictured: Kim and her lovely family

Seagrass Basket Bags by Art Studio, Hoi An

Duc Bet and his partner Ms Quynh are two painters, originally from Hanoi. Together they run Art Studio Hoian and the workshop Kehan House. Duc draws portraits which are transferred onto seagrass bags and Ms Quynh organises a group of local artisans to embroider his portraits onto the bags at her workshop Seagrass Kehan's House. Ms Quynh's Seagrass program brings together the beauty of natural sea grass that grows along the coast of Vietnam and the many agricultural women farmers who need additional work to support their families.

"The objective of the program is to make use of natural materials and create sustainable jobs for rural women to have more income" said Ms Quynh.


 Handmade Leather Bags by Traditional Hoi An Leather Craftspeople

If you've been fortunate enough to visit the colourful and vibrant UNESCO Heritage Listed town of Hoi An you would have seen the many Leather Makers on every street. Since the 16th Century there has been a tradition of Leather Craft and a Leather Merchandise Market in charming Hoian. The Leather Bags curated by Mrs Kim Anh Mai are handcrafted by Artisans working at the traditional Leather market, still in existence in Hoi An today. The quality and style of the bags is high yet they are made using traditional methods going back centuries.