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Father's Day Gift Guide 2019 - something for every dad

Father's Day is Sunday 1st September - a day to celebrate the special men in our lives; our Fathers and our Grandfathers.

Men are notoriously hard to buy for but we believe in spoiling you for choice when you're looking for the perfect Father's Day gift.  You won't find the same-same stuff at Temples and Markets - there's only so many socks and bbq tongs one man can need.  Our gifts for men are all unique and ethically sourced.

There's literally something for every Father - for all ages and all tastes, and the best bit is you won't find any of these gifts elsewhere in Australia. Exclusive and One-off Gifts is what we do best.Father's Day Gifts 

Your father's day present tells dad exactly how much he means to you.  All those nights spent helping with homework.  The weekends he spent in tents, in cars, and in grandstands.  Your dad deserves more than a tacky coffee cup!  So, we've put together a collection of gifts for dads of all kinds and all tastes.  We've got you covered for presents that show just how much your care.


There isn't an agreed upon definition for a Hipster these days, although for most of us the word would conjure up images of a bearded, craft beer-loving coffee drinker. For that kind of cool hipster-ish dad, the guy who is a little bit out there and loves his accessories check out the Leather Bracelets by Singapore Designer Gnome & Bow. 


Executive office attire is less and less about suits and ties these days. Instead the City Slicker heads to meetings wearing dark pants paired with a crisp coloured business shirt. Replacing the tie as the essential City Slicker accessory is the French Cuff adorned with eye catching cufflinks. For the Dad who loves to be seen in different coloured cufflinks every day of the week, we have these handcrafted resin cufflinks.


The techy Dad with all his latest gadgets and devices needs cases for those devices that are durable and practical, but also stylish. For those Dads the Unite Felt Laptop Case by Mat Archer makes perfect sense. Just look at its sleek leather detailing. Available in two laptop sizes

If your Techy Dad upgrades his phone each time Apple release a new one, why not gift him one of these Iphone Flip Cases in leather by Lotus Silk? The luxurious leather cases are hand stitched in a choice of colours, and fit the Iphone 7, 8 and X. Just pick his favourite colour and make his day with this gift.


If Dad travels for work or pleasure he'll need the latest travel essentials. He'll be very happy checking in for his flight with the sleek leather Passport Holder by Gnome and Bow.

Bangkok based Bag Designer and Craftsman Mat Archer has thought of everything in his design of the Merge Messenger Bag. This stunning Man Bag is stylish, waterproof and practical - it even includes a leather strap that passes over trolley case handles, what a perfect idea for the travel lover.


Temples and Markets is a store that only showcases products made ethically. Any of the gifts in this guide would appeal to the Dad with a Social Conscience, the guy who wants to do good in the world and affect positive change. However these are gifts chosen especially for the Eco Warrior Dad and he'll just love the stories behind them.

The Ammo range of Men's Jewellery includes Rings, Pendant Necklaces and Cufflinks. Ammo Designs in Cambodia is a Social Enterprise that produces jewellery from recycled bullet casings, and provides apprenticeships to young or disadvantaged Cambodians in Siem Reap. 

Friends ‘n’ Stuff is another Cambodia based social business, run by Friends-International which enables parents across Southeast Asia to generate an income. Friends 'n' Stuff creatively transforms everyday materials to help empower families, like the Backpack come Laptop baghandmade from recycled tyre inner tubing and canvas. A man bag that truly is a gift with meaning.


Any of the gifts in this gift collection would appeal to the Stylish Dad; the guy who enjoys the good things in life, demands quality and is discerning in his choices. However there are a couple of extra special pieces just for him. The first is the hand-stitched Leather Wallet and Iphone Case Set, available in a choice of 4 colours. 

Both items from this set are also available to buy separately. The Wallet is one of the most multi-functional wallets we've seen with its copious amounts of storage and a separate sizeable zip up coin section.

There really is a unique gift for every Dad in this collection. Browse through to find that perfect gift for your dad.  Each gift has a story and we hope you can share those stories with those special men in your life this Father's Day.