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cay cay designs logoCAY CAY DESIGN and LEATHERS create individually hand crafted jewellery and accessories from "compassionate leather"

Compassionate leather comes from SCOBY leather: a unique, tough, versatile and alternative to animal hide. SCOBY is a naturally sustainable material, cultivated from a Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast, forming a cellulose monofibre product. 

SCOBY leather is the dried form of the thickened layer that forms over fermenting liquid kombucha, and it’s grown without any animal derivatives. Once dried and conditioned, the texture looks and feels like leather material. It is very strong, can be moulded and dyed.

The stunning and unique jewellery in this collection has been created in beautiful Hoi An, Vietnam, with the environmentally and socially aware customer in mind

Each piece is wrapped in sterling silver courtesy of one of our favourite jewellery workshops in Hoi An, LAC VIET JEWELLERS of HOI AN.