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Helping Hands Penan

Grey and White Large Handwoven Tote Bag

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Every one of these Handwoven Baskets Bags by the Penan women is unique in its size, shape or colour combination.

The grey and white large tote basket bag is a sophisticated and updated version of the traditional rattan basket bag. Seriously stylish.

Inspired by the traditional French shopping basket

  • Loops over to close
  • Front Fastening
  • Strap long enough to wear over shoulder
  • Measures 42cm w x 30cm h
  • Interior is plain grey
  • The bags are washable and long lasting

Photos show front and back of the bag

Big enough for grocery shopping, use as a beach bag or every day carry all? You decide...Either way you'll absolutely love your Penan Bag and the story behind it.

The art of weaving is deeply ingrained in Penan Culture. With skilled hands, strips of coloured material are brought to life and lovingly transformed into beautiful crafts, each telling a unique story.
Rattan has traditionally been the primary raw material for weaving, however it is increasingly scarce. Consequently Helping Hands provides the Penan women with colourful PVC strips as a durable and versatile alternative.
New designs and colour combinations are being developed all the time so the humble rattan basket bag is now bang up to date. What was once a dying trade is now attracting young Penan girls, eager to hone their craft.


Made in Borneo

Ships from Sydney

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